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We are StartOrganic Co-Founders: Troy Smothermon & Josh Levine

10 years ago, We co-founded StartOrganic. In that time we have built thousands of vegetable gardens, taught years of home gardening lessons and have created comprehensive gardening courses for organizations like: Apple, PayPal, Intuit, Tesla, IBM, LinkedIn, Stanford University, and many more. We teach organic gardening to make it easily digestible for everyone while making sure that all of the crucial information is thoroughly explained. I want YOU to start growing today!

It's TIME to start your Garden!

Let the Gardening PROS at StartOrganic coach you throughout the year. This course includes:

  • Pre-recorded Webinars twice per month presenting valuable and timely gardening information
  • Lessons designed to prepare you for potential problems and ensure your success
  • Access to StartOrganic's Private Gardening Chat Group

Twice Monthly Webinars

We give you the information you need BEFORE problems arise in your garden. It's so important to be PRO-Active instead of RE-Active when you're growing your own food!

Health for the whole family

The healthiest food on the planet is grown in your garden! Stats show kids who garden have healthier eating habits for the rest of their life!

Group Support

Bounce your ideas, past triumphs, and failures off of our exclusive online forum. StartOrganic monitors and responds to this group often to be sure you have answers to your important questions.

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